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    <p>For all future mothers we have prepared a collection of night underwear specially prepared for them. Pregnancy T-shirts, maternity tunics, many models, colors and practical solutions can be found here. A pregnancy shirt is not only a comfortable but also a fashionable choice. We know how pregnant women care to look beautiful and sensual. That is why, when designing and sewing each nightgown, we put all our heart in order for each client to find the perfect maternity shirt.</p> <p>Fashion is our passion, all clothes are made in Lodz. We care for the highest quality of our maternity nightgowns from the beginning to the end. We choose the best materials, knitwear with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate. All materials bearing this certificate are completely safe, you will not find allergenic dyes, forbidden azo dyes, extractable heavy metals, formaldehydes and pesticides. Assuming a Doctor Nap pregnancy tunic you can be sure that you take care not only of your appearance, but also about your health and your and your child's safety.</p> <p>In our offer you will find elegant maternity tunics, colorful nightgowns in patterns and muted pregnancy shirts in one shade. Thanks to the nice material you will not be looking forward to when you put on your favorite nightgown again. Choose a unique maternity t-shirt and always enjoy the perfect look and the feeling of comfort afforded by nightwear purchased in our online store.</p> <p>If you like to feel attractive in every situation and at the same time value comfort, browse our offer and choose a sleeping shirt in which you will feel best. A strong, restful sleep is especially important in pregnancy. Turned off the light, covered windows, air-conditioned bedroom and favorite nightdress will make you wake up every morning and rested and ready for another beautiful day!</p>
  • Maternity pajamas
    <div id="gt-src-c" class="g-unit"> <div id="gt-src-p"> <div id="gt-src-wrap">Future moms and lovers of two-piece pajamas are invited to read our collection of pajamas for pregnant women. Pregnancy is a special moment in every woman's life. We want women who expect a child to feel attractive, as always. Elegant and cozy pajamas from Doctor Nap will make your collection of nightwear unique and one of a kind, and you will feel perfectly in every trimester of pregnancy.<br /><br />We present you pajamas made of the highest quality materials, so that in each pajamas you will feel like in the other skin. We made sure that women with different body types found pajamas that perfectly fit their figure.<br /><br />Two-piece pajamas consist of long trousers or three-quarters and short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts or straps. All pajamas for pregnancy are created for our customers - their comfort, good looks and health. That is why we sew a knitted fabric with an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate, which guarantees the highest level of safety. The material with this certificate does not have any hazardous substances such as: allergenic dyes, formaldehydes, chronophenols, forbidden azo dyes, extractable heavy metals and pesticides. Sleeping in Doctor Nap pajamas you can be calm about your health and your child's health.<br /><br />When designing pregnancy clothes, we take care of all the details - In our pajamas you will feel feminine and sensual, but also at ease. In them you will always feel confident - and going to sleep, and spending half a day at home in them.<br /><br />Comfort, safety and modernity - this is the shortest way to describe maternity pajamas in the Doctor Nap online store. Have you already chosen the perfect pajama for yourself?</div> </div> </div>
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  • Maternity gowns
    <p>A relaxing bath or a refreshing shower? Regardless of what we prefer, we feel perfectly well after leaving the bathroom. Only a soft and smelling bathrobe, a comfortable armchair, a good book and what more could you want?</p> <p>In our offer you will find unique women's bathrobes for pregnant women. We design and sew all in Lodz sewing rooms. Each pregnancy gown is made for the convenience of future mothers. Practical binding and zip fastening gives you the opportunity to wrap your bathrobe in different ways. We have made sure that the diversity of models corresponds to the expectations of our customers. A naturally falling dressing gown is a practical solution for women who value the freedom of movement the most.</p> <p>Thanks to the large selection in shapes and designs, each future mother will find a pregnancy gown perfectly tailored to her figure. After all, it is not only comfort, but also elegance that is important. We do not forget about the health of future mothers and their children. That is why we create clothes from the best quality materials. Women's dressing gowns, as well as other items of clothing for pregnant women, are made of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate. All materials with this certificate guarantee safety - you will not find formaldehydes, unsuitable azo dyes and allergenic dyes, heavy metals and pesticides. . Enjoy beauty and health with Doctor Nap bathrobes!</p> <p>The highest quality of our products is possible thanks to our commitment at every stage of clothing creation. Selected materials from which pregnancy dressing gowns are sewn and care for every detail during their creation - that distinguishes our brand! Have you already decided which bathrobe will be yours?</p>
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