• Women's Night Shirts
    <p>Nightgowns are the favorite nightwear of many women. Comfortable nightgowns ensure comfort while wearing and falling asleep. The soft material of the highest class will provide any user of nightgowns with freedom of movement during the evening toilet or making a morning coffee in a hurry.</p> <p>In knitted nightgowns, every evening will be a moment of relaxation and relaxation, and this is the best introduction to a deep sleep. After that night you will wake up full of positive energy and ready to act - before you another day full of challenges and meetings with your loved ones.</p> <p>All night shirts have been sewn from the best quality knitwear, having a certificate of complete safety for people sensitive to various types of allergens. Our offer includes nightgowns with long and short sleeves, perfect for any season. In winter, you'll forget about the low temperatures outside the window, and in the summer you'll fall asleep in a light and airy nightgown.</p> <p>We took care not only about convenience, but also about design. Night shirts are available in many interesting colors, darker and lighter - pink, blue and red, as well as various shades of gray. Shirts in unicorns, with cats and swallows will appeal to the most demanding customers. In addition, you will find shirts with polka dots, stars and bows as well as belts. We have not forgotten about the smooth night shirts that women like so much.</p> <p>In our offer you will also find elegant nightgowns with lace trim. Nightgown with lace highlights your strengths, you'll feel confident in the most romantic moments.</p> <p>Nightgowns have shallower and deeper necklines, some are fastened with buttons - for nursing mothers and not only. We know that women like a variety of styles, which is why we took care of a large selection. Shirts with welts and shirts without welts, as well as decorative trimmings - choose a nightgown with your favorite decorations.</p> <p>A large selection of models, colors and sizes is the opportunity to buy a unique nightgown - for yourself and for loved ones for a gift.</p>
  • Pajamas Women
    <h3>Women's pajamas are a piece of clothing, which can not be missing in the wardrobe of any woman.</h3> <h4>Comfortable knitted pajamas are available with long and short sleeves and in versions with short and long pants. Here you will find pajamas in which winter evenings and nights will not be scary and light pajamas, in which you will sleep summer nights, forgetting the tiring heat.</h4> <p>A collection of two-piece pajamas was created for demanding women who appreciate the highest quality of material and perfectly cut clothing. We pay special attention to the genre of knitwear from which we create our clothes. Pajamas made of fabrics certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 are completely safe, recommended to allergy sufferers, asthmatics and all women who care for health every day.</p> <p>We also remember that a woman likes to look good in every situation, even if she spends the evening in pajamas, a book in her hand or in front of the TV. That is why we have prepared comfortable pajamas for women in various color combinations - burgundy, red, mint, pink, blue, purple, as well as more subdued gray (dark and light).</p> <p>Nice pajamas in patterns will make every evening pleasant for you, falling asleep will be more pleasant, so you will wake up in the morning rested and relaxed. Cat lovers will find pajamas with their beloved pets. Big, expressive cat on top of pajamas can also be a great gift for a real cat fan. There are also other designs, astronomical motifs, polka dots, bunnies and hearts, as well as pajamas with a unicorn or stripes.</p> <p>Pajamas with round necklines and V-shaped V-neck are also very comfortable to put on and take off. Thanks to practical solutions in a few seconds you will wrap yourself in nice material, and in the morning you will not lose valuable time when you want to take a quick shower. In pajamas you will feel comfortable when you fall asleep, wake up and decide to spend the whole day in it, using the first Saturday free Saturday.</p> <p>Choose the designs and colors that best suit you, find your size and order unique pajamas now!</p>
  • Women's dressing gown
    <p>After the evening shower, do you like to put on a bathrobe and spend the rest of the evening feeling as free as possible? We understand you perfectly! We have prepared for you a collection of women's bathrobes, created for the most demanding customers.</p> <p>Bathrobes have been designed and sewn to the highest standards. For sewing, we use high quality knitwear, thanks to which we obtain robes that are durable and safe for health. When buying a bathrobe in our online store, you can be sure that you choose the highest quality product.</p> <p>Dressing gowns at the waist are well-known and popular models that will never get bored. Listening to the voices of our clients, we also prepared bathrobes fastened with an espresso machine. Some ladies appreciate such solutions - a buttoned robe will always stay in place. If you do not need any buttoned or tied dressing gowns at all, choose one that is put on your head.</p> <p>Dressing gowns that have welts and loosely lowered bathrobes are the perfect solution when we have a great desire for a large dose of freedom, but we do not want to bustle around the house in the same nightwear. When you put on a long-sleeved bathrobe, it will be warm and cozy. We also prepared bathrobes with shorter sleeves, which will be indispensable on spring days and evenings.</p> <p>Rich colors are a chance for lovers of expressive colors and many shades of gray to choose something that will appeal to you. Blue, pink, and even berry-colored bathrobes will enliven your evenings and mornings when in a hurry and blindly looking for a clean cup for coffee. Women who appreciate calmer shades will find bathrobes in beige, ecru and blue. Decorations in the form of trimmings, pompoms or interesting hemming create unique bathrobes, which you can also make a gift to someone close. Choose the best bathrobe, order it online, and thanks to quick delivery you will soon enjoy nice moments spent in a new dressing gown.</p>
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Modna kolekcja damska w sklepie internetowym

W naszym sklepie internetowym znajdziesz odzież z kolekcji damskiej, która znajduje się w garderobie każdej kobiety, ceniącej sobie najwyższą jakość, nowoczesny design oraz wygodę podczas noszenia wybranych produktów. Dwuczęściowe piżamy, koszule nocne i szlafroki od Doctor Nap to nowoczesne wzornictwo oraz praktyczne rozwiązania.

Jesteśmy polskim producentem, który dba o wszystkie szczegóły, na każdym etapie powstawania ubrań. Projektując nasze produkty, pamiętamy o wszystkich cechach, które sprawiają, że piżamy, koszulki i szlafroki są wyjątkowe i wyróżniają się zarówno na polskim, jak i zagranicznym rynku. Łódź, miasto z tradycjami włókienniczymi, zobowiązuje nas do utrzymywania najwyższych standardów podczas szycia każdej rzeczy. Dlatego na materiał na nasze produkty wybieramy certyfikowaną dzianinę. To gwarancja, że w naszej nocnej bieliźnie nie znajdziesz groźnych dla zdrowia substancji, takich jak pestycydy, chlorofenole, formaldehydy, barwniki alergizujące, zabronione barwniki azowe i ekstahowalne metale ciężkie. Dzianina, z której szyjemy nasze ubrania, jest bezpieczna dla zdrowia, nie tylko dla alergików, ale wszystkich osób ceniących sobie jak najprostszy skład chemiczny artykułów, które wybierają.

Pamiętamy również o wyjątkowym wzornictwie, za które Klientki tak bardzo lubią nasze produkty. Ciekawe motywy w wielu barwach wyróżniają nasze ubrania. Jest to możliwe dzięki naszym projektantom, którym nie brakuje pomysłów. Różnorodne fasony czynią z naszych ubrań idealnym wyborem dla kobiet o różnych typach sylwetki. Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z naszą ofertą i wybrania produktów, które szczególnie zwróciły Waszą uwagę. Może znajdziesz coś na prezent dla ważnych w Twoim życiu kobiet?