Operational Programme Smart Development, Priority Axis: 3 Support for Innovation in Enterprises, Measure: 3.3 Support for Promotion and Internationalization of Innovative Enterprises, Sub-measure: 3.3.3 Support for SMEs in Promoting Product Brands – Go to Brand

Project Title: Export Development of the Company - Promoting the DOCTOR NAP Brand Abroad.

Project Objective: Promote products in the Polish Fashion industry that have the potential to become recognizable brands in foreign markets; increase the company's competitiveness and enhance the level of business internationalization.

Planned Project Effects:

  • Signing foreign trade contracts,

  • Increase in revenue from the sale of export products,

  • Increase in revenue from the sale of products covered by the project.

Total Project Value: 477,200.00 PLN

European Funds Contribution: 405,620.00 PLN