Doctor Nap® is a Polish clothing brand that values individualism.

One night I dreamt that I was walking in a crowd, swimming along a river of the same people – similar to one another, merging into a uniform mass. I wanted to emerge, to cut myself off from the scheme. I was hurt that I had lost my individuality.

I decided to create my own dream. A dream in which I go against the usual fashion patterns. I want to be the voice of those who want to express their individuality. I want to heal in my dream and give others the feeling that they are unique and deserve the best.

And that is how Doctor Nap®, a brand of nightwear and home wear, was created. A brand that focuses on the highest quality and ecology.

Doctor Nap® is an ecological alternative for those who are not afraid to present a style deviating from what other mass producers offer. Polish nightshirts, pyjamas and bathrobes from Doctor Nap® are not only an expression of rebellion but also a need for comfort. Excellent quality of Polish materials (100% ecological cotton), original patterns and aesthetics of workmanship at the highest level are the features that distinguish us.

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